Leagoo Global Sources Electronics Fair 2017 Hail For Leagooers


The world’s famous Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics Fair has been holding in Asia World-Expo from Oct. 18th to 21st, attracting at least ten thousand global buyers and dealers this year.

 LEAGOO, like always, shines out of the participants again at the fair.

Unlike traditional booth design, LEAGOO booth features the most popular British club culture – Cavern Club. Once you entered LEAGOO Cavern Club, it’s like you get yourselves into another different 

universe. Relish the coolest new flagship phones and enjoy the “free drinks”, what a feast!

As an increasing world reputation, LEAGOO attracts clients from different countries. The sales team communicates with every customer who is interested in new products with energy and enthusiasm.

Since LEAGOO’s cooperation with Totthenham Hotspur on August, both teams have been making big maneuvers all over the world. As the fruit and witness of this cooperation, T5 THFC limited edition

 is born, bringing exciting experience to both LEAGOO and football fans.

Why LEAGOO booth is crowded with so many people, because it is armed with LEAGOO new series products include T series, M series, Z series and Elite series. They are different models with their own

configurations, so they all have their own fans.

LEAGOO mascot Lino and THFC mascot Chirpy join hands on LEAGOO booth, bringing joy and happiness to every visitor and witnessing the close relationship and strategic collaboration between two parties.

Are you impressed by the charming of LEAGOO after bathing in such a hot atmosphere? Come on~ there are more to be expected!