LEAGOO CES2019 Embraces Future With Style


Future Technology For Everyone! 

      Fancy in futuristic technologies and cool gadgets? The 2019 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is just the right spot for you to satisfy your curiosities and trigger your interests for a bigger picture of what new technology can bring to our daily life.

      Future techs and classy gadgets are cool and all indeed, but they always come at a price, sometimes too expensive to enjoy, sometimes too sci-fi to be available on the market.
      Smartphones are always in the front line of tech innovations and breakthroughs, with phone designs and hardwares upgraded every few months. As cutting-edge and eye-appealing as they are, these pioneering gadgets, when they come out, are always beyond the reach for many tech enthusiasts due to the appalling cost!

      LEAGOO, unlike any other exhibitors on the CES2019, has brought quite a few intriguing and pioneering products for most smartphone lovers in a cost-effective manner!

      LEAGOO S10, for example, features the cutting-edge in-display fingerprint unlock technology and the state-of-the-art AI augmented technology. Both techs are revolutionary in smartphone history and consequently get very high price tag, making many tech enthusiasts unable to enjoy them.  LEAGOO S10 is intended to solve the problem and make high-priced technologies available to everyone with very available price (LEAGOO S10 is merely priced at XXX, about 1/3 of its competitors but with the same features).

      LEAGOO S11 is another example. As LEAGOO’s latest innovation, LEAGOO S11 comes with a large 6.26'' waterdrop fullscreen to reach a 91.2% screen-to-body ratio! AI augmented technology is also included in LEAGOO S11, which enhances power efficiency and performance by intelligently allocating system resources in real-time. It also optimizes all apps running in the background and improves battery life for smart battery management.

      In the past, LEAGOO is more focused on the middle range and low-end market, with the aim to bring smart devices to everybody. Now with the release of LEAGOO S10 and S11 with In-display Fingerprint Scanning, AI technology and new designs, LEAGOO will surely gain a solid foothold in the high-end smartphone market. High-end as they are, LEAGOO S10 and S11 still have LEAGOO’s long-term tradition – high quality and effective cost, making expensive technologies available to every user.