Real Fullscreen Era Finally Arrived? LEAGOO Punch-Hole Display Phone Leaked



      Ever since smartphone makers declared war on the bezel, they raced against each other to launch a myriad of full screens ranging from SAMSUNG’s infinity display to Xiaomi’s tri-bezel-less display, from Apples’ notch display to OPPO’s “waterdrop” display and Huawei’s pearl display, whatsoever… As the full screen battles still rage on, a new display design debuts on the stage of the full screen arena, namely, punch-hole display!


      The punch-hole display phone features a front camera hidden in the screen in the form of a hole, making the phone have a remarkably higher screen-to-body ratio compared to its predecessors.


      Recently reliable sources leaked that LEAGOO will soon release a new smartphone with an in-display punch-hole cutout selfie camera at the early 2019.



      According to the exposed pictures, there is a punch-hole on the top left corner of the screen that can house the front camera. Compared with the mainstream notch design, the punch-hole design has a much higher screen-to-body ratio. The diameter of the hole is about 4.5 mm, which is rightly located on the status bar of the UI, so it does not affect the normal display of the screen content.


      According to the current news, LEAGOO’s new punch-hole phone will feature MTK’s latest AI powered SoC along with a 21MP AI selfie camera. Featuring a 6.288 inch large display, it will continue to come with the in-display fingerprint scanner following its best-selling predecessor – LEAGOO S10.


      Apart from the above-mentioned punch-hole display phone, what’s more intrigued is that LEAGOO is also going to unveil a revolutionary new phone equipped with 5G technology. Although the release date for LEAGOO 5G phone is yet to be announced, sources show that it is under steady progress and LEAGOO will be among the pioneers who launch the 5G smartphone.


       5G can send and receive signals almost instantaneously, it is expected that 5G will offer mobile internet speeds of more than 10 gigabits per second (Gbps), approximately a hundred times faster than 4G. The latency will be less than a millisecond with 5G. As an example of its impressive speed, a 5G user could download a feature-length movie in High Definition in less than five seconds.


      Punch-hole display + AI technology + In-display fingerprint unlock. Do these specs trigger your interest? For more details, please stay tuned with us and find out what it really looks.